Advanced Medical Code Verification

AmeriVeri creates an additional level of assurance that patient medical records are a true representation of the actual services provided to the patient. Our goal is to improve the patients' continuity of care and ensure accurate medical history.

When implemented by payers, our service may be utilized for any number of clients. When requested by employers, our service may be applied to an existing group health or workers' comp program.

Value Generators

Benefits for Payers
- Provider network protection
- Additional revenue stream

Benefits for Employers
- Continuity of care for employees
- Significant savings for organization

The Importance of Getting it Right

As a pre-payment solution, AmeriVeri combats errors that are difficult to reverse after payment and have long lasting effects.

In today's era of electronic medical records, the effects of inaccuracies are not limited to one or even many doctors, but also to the patients as their demand for access to complete records continues to increase.

In order to produce accurate claims, physician offices and hospitals employ many different types of practice and claim management softwares. However, these systems are not perfect. AmeriVeri's hands-off, additional layer of protection for the provider can be significant and valuable in the event of an audit.