AmeriVeri Announces Unique Implementation of NCCI Code Edits as Part of Proprietary Medical Code Verification Technology

GREENWOOD, Ind., August 1, 2016 –
AmeriVeri (, the medical codeverification software-as-a-service, has recently enhanced its implementation of NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiative) code edits, and clients have taken note of the benefits. These include,above all, a higher-than-ever level of assurance that medical records are accurate prior to payment and archiving.
The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, developer of the NCCI, has recommended that all healthcare providers and payers apply these edits to their code verification process. These edits include code pairs that realistically should not be submitted together, including those that are mutually exclusive. The motivation behind the NCCI, which was first deployed in 1996, is to trim the waste that historically has plagued government healthcare systems. The initiative’s methodologies, however, are fully applicable to private systems as well. In parallel with other verification tools, NCCI edits are an important piece of the data integrity puzzle. AmeriVeri makes it easier for all financial stakeholders in the healthcare industry to assemble that puzzle.
“Data integrity is quickly becoming the most important area of processing and archiving medical
claims,” explains Steffeny Brewer, AmeriVeri Director of Claims Management. “Coding errors that go undetected are prohibitively time consuming and expensive to fix. Moreover, errors undermine the accuracy of patient histories and can drag down overall quality of care. At AmeriVeri, we’ve designed a system for reporting NCCI edits that empowers providers to apply the appropriate modifications – ensuring both data integrity and a leaner, more efficient healthcare system.”
Every stakeholder in the healthcare industry is attuned to solutions that address the challenge of producing and maintaining accurate medical records. Unfortunately, the complexity of today’s healthcare infrastructure, which includes mandatory adoption of electronic health records, provides countless opportunities for the introduction of errors. Once a payment has been made in error or a record archived, it’s nearly impossible to backtrack. Between private insurers and Medicaid, the cost of medical billing errors totals several billion dollars annually.
AmeriVeri routinely identifies 2 to 3 errors per 100 lines of code, even after that code has been inspected by other software tools. Of course, the AmeriVeri solution was engineered with more than simple cost savings in mind. The accuracy of patient medical records has lasting consequences for the continuity and quality of patient care. A significant portion of medical errors are the result of coding mistakes that were never caught. Even ignoring the health and wellness aspect, billing errors can lead to overbilling – and the current system is too complex for average patients to know a mistake when they see it.
Clients of AmeriVeri include insurance and reinsurance carriers, third party administrators, bill review providers, fraud and abuse specialists, and cost containment experts, among others. The company continues to deliver value and innovation within the healthcare billing and medical records accuracy space, and add to its bevy of proven competitive advantages.
AmeriVeri’s software-as-a-service deploys in about an hour, and provides a line-level verification of medical codes. One million claims can be processed in an hour or less producing reports listing problematic codes and the rationale for their tagging in whichever format the client requires.
About AmeriVeri CR, LLC
AmeriVeri was founded in 2010. The company is privately held with offices located in Greenwood, IN, and Denver, CO, and affiliates in Chicago, Minneapolis, St Louis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Dallas, providing nationwide enhanced medical code verification services in the Major Medical, Workers’ Comp and Medicaid arenas.
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