AmeriVeri Begs the Question: “What If It’s YOUR Medical Record?”

GREENWOOD, Ind., April 4, 2016 — PR Newswire — AmeriVeri ( helps protect the integrity of Medical Records and saves patients from unnecessary, costly and possibly dangerous treatments resulting from medical coding errors. What many don’t realize is how shockingly common these errors are. 

Real-life examples of how coding errors affect lives include the denial by John Alden of a health insurance policy because of a single coding error in the applicant’s permanent medical record. The applicant had to enlist both the original and a supporting physician to review and correct the error. During that time, the individual went without health insurance – a risky proposition.

In another case, a commercial pilot was denied re-certification as a result of a coding error in his medical records. Despite having over 8,000 hours of flight time, the pilot was grounded for 3 months while the mistake was sorted out. That was three months of needlessly lost income – which affects more than just the individual patient – and significant frustration.

Medical expertise and attentiveness were the only things that saved a physician from multiple unnecessary procedures as a result of an incorrect diagnostic code. Of course, ordinary people who visit the doctor don’t have that type of knowledge in reserve, and are trusting their primary care physician’s thoroughness. The frequency with which this kind of scenario unfolds is likely greater than anyone wants to imagine.

An erroneous diagnostic code was the factor that made an expectant mother’s experience anything but joyous. Her newborn’s delivery and subsequent testing were heavily influenced by this mistake, which could have been easily avoided. AmeriVeri’s mission is to prevent all of these coding errors and thus substantially enhance patient quality of care.

“Today, medical coding mistakes are among the most serious threats to patient safety,” explains AmeriVeri VP of Operations Martin Amberger. “Thousands of people every year suffer the consequences of what amount to clerical errors. Each of those cases is unique, and virtually all of them are preventable given the right tools and practices. AmeriVeri provides an innovative tool that enhances existing error-checking systems and is a final filter ensuring the highest possible level of patient safety.”

The root causes of medical coding errors are numerous, yet it’s patients and their healthcare providers that see the results. Poor communication, inadequate training, overconfidence and simple human error can all lead to mistakes in diagnosis. In addition, the vast complexity and ever-evolving nature of diagnostic coding systems is itself a challenge for providers. The newest iteration of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) – ICD-10 – contains more than 120,000 discrete codes that healthcare providers use to capture their diagnoses.

The medical code verification system created by AmeriVeri consistently finds 3–4 errors per hundred lines of code, a number that agrees with large statistical surveys of medical billing codes. Those errors are discovered even after the data has passed through other bill review and processing systems.

AmeriVeri’s system offers effortless deployment and a zero learning curve. Rather than replacing existing systems, AmeriVeri is an enhancement and introduces an additional layer of protection that has been proven to catch coding errors both common and uncommon. Most importantly, the technology does not create any opportunity for new kinds of code errors.

Data security is tremendously important in the healthcare industry; patient records are confidential by law, and providers are obligated to safeguard patient privacy. AmeriVeri makes this easy with its encrypted FTP transfer of data. All patient data is strongly encrypted when in motion and when at rest. AmeriVeri’s process takes less than an hour, at which time clients are immediately provided a verifiable report.

About AmeriVeri

AmeriVeri CR, LLC was founded in 2010, and fee options include Percentage of Net Savings, Per Line, or Per Claim. The company is privately held with offices located in Greenwood, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois, and provides nationwide services in the Major Medical, Workers’ Comp and Medicaid arenas.

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