Despite federal delays, bundled payments will be entrenched in US healthcare

“Amid yet another delay in CMS-led bundled payment programs, the popular value-based reimbursement model seems poised to continue as a favorite for providers. Bundled payments serve as an entry to value-based care because of the relatively low risk providers take on. And while these programs aren’t yet proven to be successful, there is enough positive data to excite those who champion paying for healthcare based on value.”  Please click the following link to continue reading

Five Tips For 2017 Coding Concerns

“While accuracy has always been essential, its importance is unparalleled now due to two dynamics: the increased specificity of ICD-10, and the quality improvement requirements of value-based care models. Both of these things are compelling providers to document more detailed information, which certainly adds to already significant workloads and that have been estimated to add 1 to 2 hours per work day”…………To continue reading this article please click on the following link.

Top 5 Tips for Combating 2017 Coding Concerns