Welcome 2019 Coding Changes!

After a quiet year, expect three significant changes to the way you do your medical coding, as indicated by recent announcements by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Medical coders will see the changes in 2019, making medical coding certification more important than ever.

Based on value-based healthcare, the agencies say they’re working toward, as CMS Secretary Verma Seema told a recent HIMSS convention, “Patients Over Paperwork”.  Patients are demanding more accountability from healthcare providers and payers, and they want to see what they’re getting for the high insurance and co-pay amounts paid, she said.

Physicians continue to be restive, frustrated by complicated rules and electronic health record (EHR)-keeping. Seema called EHRs inefficient and bemoaned how insular the various systems are, still making it difficult for patients’ medical histories to be portable while secure.

In other words, the complaints about quality over cost, record-keeping, and physician autonomy remain. Here are three solutions that will help solve this but affect your work beginning next year:

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